Winning a Leo Award for “Spooksville” guest star

Well, after 16 years and 11 previous nominations as an actor, I finally WON a LEO AWARD last night!!! It was for Best Performance in a Youth Or Children’s Program Or Series, for my role as Mr. Spiney in [The Hub Network’s] SPOOKSVILLE tv series. It was very sweet to win and the room was full of love, which quite moved me. Really very nice to be acknowledged and it was lovely to be given the award. Very honoured to be nominated with such terrific actors as Ellie Harvie, Milo Shandel, Dylan Playfair, Jessica McLeod and Nick Purcha (who is also on Spooksville with me). I thanked a number of people last night, but would like to add a public acknowledgement of Brandi MacLean, who ran the lines with me every episode I had in that series and who helps me in every way when I’m prepping or shooting anything. I’d be lost without her.

— Mackenzie Gray, Vancouver, B.C., June 1, 2014


Maackenzie Gray Leos

Photo credit: Justine Warrington


Mackenzie Leo award Award CD

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